Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
Having the courage to shine

General Questions

We always ask the same set of general questions each year so that the governing body can gauge how the school is performing in relation to previous years.  However, in the previous year the survey was mainly multiple choice only, whereas this year we also added an optional comment box on most questions. 

Some headlines

· The school keeps my child safe  - 98% agreed or strongly agreed

· The teaching is good at this school - 98% agreed or strongly agreed

· The school is led and managed effectively - 97% agreed or strongly agreed

· Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school - 97% agreed or strongly agreed

· How would you rate the childcare provided by BOS HQ? - 100% agreed or strongly agreed

· The communication from the headteacher and admin team to parents/carers is good - 96% agreed or strongly agreed

A comparison of the 2013 data and the 2014 data

  • ‘The school makes sure that my child is well-prepared for the future’ – last year 87%, this year 95% agreed or strongly agreed – this may be due to the very positive surveys completed by new parents.
  • A 20% increase this year in the amount of parents surveyed whose children use BOS HQ compared to last year.
  • ‘The communication from the class teacher to parents/carers is good’ – last year  79%, this year 86% agreed or strongly agreed – this may be down to the popularity of the half termly class newsletters
  • ‘Are you aware of what your child’s targets are?’ – last year  74%, this year 82% agreed or strongly agreed.
  • ‘The school promotes a strong Christian ethos’ – last year 72%, this year 95% agreed or strongly agreed.
  • ‘The school has a sufficient level of Christianity in its ethos and curriculum’ – although it was 98% last year, this year it is 100% agreed or strongly agreed!  A massive thanks goes to all of the 'Open The Book' team, who give up their Monday afternoons to lead our collective worship (assembly) which focusses on developing the children's understanding of Bible stories and Christian values.