Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
Having the courage to shine

Service Pupils

24% of parents/carers who responded to the questionnaire were from service families.  This is exactly representative of the school's community.  Although the school has had upwards of 1/3 of its pupil population from service families over the past few years, this figure has fallen recently, due to the number of non-service families trying to secure a place in Foundation Stage and there being limited space for out of area families.

60% of parents agreed that our HMS Heroes club is beneficial to their child and is having a positive impact.  Whilst this figure seems low, the 0ther 40% neither agreed nor disagreed or was not applicable, suggesting that parents hadn't experienced a recent deployment/tour and perhaps had not received the benefit of that the club was designed for.

53% of parents envisage their child completing their primary education at this school.  Given the nature of service families, this figure seems high, but we know that a significant proportion of our service community are stationary and many elect to purchase a house and settle in the area so perhaps this figure shouldn't be a surprise.

Why do parents choose our school for their 'Service child'?

I contacted every army friend I knew who had lived in Catterick and Brompton was the school most recommended. I was keen for them to go to a school with some other service children present but a visit in person and the ofsted report sold the school to me.

When we moved here 2 years ago people highly recommended BoS school. When we were given housing in Brompton on Swale I though I was very lucky as my child would be able to attend without having to worry about a place if we had been living in the garrison. The school has an immaculate reputation that is has more than lived up to.

At the time the school did not have many service children, I chose Brompton for that reason as I wanted his school life to be as normal as possible, without friends coming and going, unfortunately as there is so many service children this is now not the case.

A great reputation, an understanding of service life, there are male staff at school- it's important to have other males when Dad is away and great wrap around care for working mums with a military husband.

Recommended by Forces families already at the school.

Brompton on Swale was highly recommended to us and it truly is an OUTSTANDING school in all respects including teaching, sports, after school activities, facilities, BOS Kids,and the friendly and kind staff and efficient school office. Also, his teacher has been exceptional in helping ****** settle. She identified that ******* needs help with his phonics and arranged such help - a truly professional approach for which we shall always be thankful and relieved that ******* was lucky enough to be given a place in her class and Brompton on Swale - thank you.

It was the best school in the area that suited the needs of my child. I was impressed when I looked around.