Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
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Parent Comments

Positive Comments

My child enjoys learning and thrives from the positive feedback and support from all staff/TA’s at the school.

My daughter feels very happy and enjoys school, we both really like all the teachers and are made to feel welcome by all.  She is making excellent progress and all the maths and phonics evenings are so helpful for parents so we can help at home.

I feel privileged to have my child at this school.

The traffic light system seems to work well with my child, who loves being an outstanding learner.

Always been happy with the teaching of my children at this school.

Easy to have complete confidence in every aspect of school life.

Fantastic leadership always approachable to help with any issues.

When moving from FS to year 1 I feels lots of time was spent on the transition helping the children to be ready for the move.

Cannot thank the school and staff enough for all the extra activities that they support and carry out all in their extra time and usually at no extra cost to parents.

Comments requiring clarification

If I’d had the option at the time I would have held him back and started him at 5 years.  I think he’s doing ok but worry about him too.  He’s growing in confidence this year.

For the last 6 years, our policy has been that children can delay starting school or start school part-time - especially if they are a late-summer-born child.  This is always communicated by Mr. White during the 'New Starters Parents' Evening' in May each year.

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At the end of the school day they do seem free to go if they just recognise someone.  Sometimes that may not always be a good thing.  I am aware how difficult if must be however.

School policy is for staff to complete a 1:1 transition with parents/carers until children get into Key Stage 2 (Year 3).  This might simply be a wave or a nod - but staff are expected to ensure that each child is transferred directly into a parents' care.  From Year 3/4 this becomes less formal as the teacher will leave the classroom with the children but they will find their own way to their parent/carer, the teacher staying at the entrance to school until all their children hve been collected.  In Years 5 and 6, the children are trusted to make this transition themselves, knowing that if someone isn't there to pick them up, they must return to school and wait.  Please contact Mr. White if you feel that this policy is not being adhered to.

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The homework book is drummed into the parents, however not always sure how often targets within it are looked at in school?

There is a record of each child's progress through maths and phonics targets in each classroom, that is constantly being updated by the staff as necessary.  We will discuss this comment in the next staff meeting and consider whether homework diaries could be used more by the staff to communicate directly with parents/carers when targets are being completed in school.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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It would help when it is a job share for parents to be informed on the ‘new classes’ letter which teachers will be teaching when, in order to help ease any back to school nerves at the start of the year.

This is a great idea - we'll see that it's done in July.

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At BOS Kids HQ, could parents see the menu online prior to sessions so they know if children will need more dinner once they get home?

The menu for BOS Kids HQ is always accessible on the school's website - please follow this link!