Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
Having the courage to shine

Service Pupils' Provision

Approximately 23% of the pupils who attend our school have parents who are members of the armed forces.  It is interesting that 32% of them were unable to answer the "The staff are sensitive and supportive to my child at times of extended periods of parental absence" question (giving a not applicable response).  We think that this shows the downturn in the number and regularity of postings and deployments, in relation to what pupils at the school have experienced in the past.

It is also interesting to note that 64% of forces parents suggested that their children would complete their primary education at Brompton-on-Swale CE Priumary School.  Again, this is a significant increase from previous years.

A handful of comments from parents as to why they chose the school were as follows:

  • "Ofsted was very good , also looked a very good and proactive school plus the after school clubs and BOS HQ advantages. The staff were very friendly and nice and I just got a feel for it being an all round good school and a very safe environment."
  • "After visiting the schools in the area this school is the one where we felt happy for our child to be."
  • "The great Ofsted Report, fantastic sports facilities at the school and recommendations from friends and colleagues."

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