Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
Having the courage to shine


Firstly a huge thank you to those 96 parents and carers who took the time out of their busy schedules to respond to this year's questionnaire.  The number of responses was down from last year (130) but we have changed the timing of the questionnaire fromthe autumn term to the spring term and not used the Parent Teacher Consultation evening to boost the number of results.  We will re-evaluate this for next year's questionnaire.  However, 96 responses is still a good response rate and these will really help us to shape our school improvement work for the following few months.


As usual, we've put together a summary so that you can read the main points.  However, for transparency, we've also included the full questionnaire's results so that you can see how everyone responded.  Unfortunately, we can't include the comments as these often identify specific members of staff or pupils.

The previous 4 years' questionnaires summaries have been left live on the website for your information as well.

Parent Questionnaire Summary 2018