Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
Having the courage to shine


We always ask the same set of general questions each year so that the governing body can gauge how the school is performing in relation to previous years.

Here are some of the headlines for this year:

My child enjoys school – this year 99% agree with the statement, with 60% of those strongly agreeing.

[My child] is always enthusiastic to go to school and although tired at the end of the day always has enjoyed herself!

My child is making good progress at this school – last year 98% agreed, this year 100% agree with the statement, with 49% of that number strongly agreeing.

The teaching is good at this school – last year 99% agreed but this year 100% agree, with 62% strongly agreeing.

"The teaching and support staff have a really obvious dedication and enjoyment of the job. I think we are incredibly fortunate to have such a fantastic group of staff at Brompton on Swale. Thank you."

The school is led and managed effectively – 99% agree/strongly agree last year, this year – 98%, with 61% of that strongly agreeing.

"The Leadership at the school is very strong, forward thinking and progressive. The relationships between Senior Leaders. The fact that Senior Leaders regularly stand at the school gate and actively make themselves visible and available is great - it doesn’t happen in every school!"

The school informs me of my child’s progress – last year 98% either agree/strongly agree, this year 90% agree/strongly agree.  4% don’t know.

Overall, I am happy with my child’s experience at this school – 100% agree/strongly agree, with 72% strongly agreeing.

"[My child] will be very sad to leave in September but he is more than ready and well prepared for secondary school!"

"[My child] is involved in so much at school, he's done the recent Lego competition, netball tournament, has been picked for the maths competition and is part of the open the book team, just to name but a few of the activities he's been involved with. He is an avid reader anyway but the reading challenge has meant that our book worm is glued to a book more than ever. This school continues to be a fantastic environment for [My child] to develop in. Thank you"