Brompton-on-Swale C.E. Primary School
Having the courage to shine


Approximately 21% of the pupils who attend our school have parents who are members of the armed forces. Here are some of the highlights and comments from parents of pupils from service families.

Are you aware of the new Service Pupil Premium Strategy for this school?

All but 1 of the service families who responded are aware of it. 

"I feel the School has been excellent in inviting parents opinions & views in developing & implementing the new SPP strategy for the School."

"It is very well structured. I really like Seesaw and this will come into its own with our family in September. It is such a great link with Service members when they are away. Miss Webber is doing a fantastic job- my child adores MK Heroes Club."

"I was sent a survey regarding this, I filled it out with my points of view and ideas. I feel I was listened to and some of my ideas used."

The school meets the needs of my 'service child' – 100% agree with this statement!

"He loves Little Troopers with Mrs Eggleston who is incredibly nurturing towards him."